Monday, March 22, 2010


It’s a short flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. We flew Air Asia, the Ryan Air of the Ricelands… we used them several times and thought they were very good, friendly and service minded. We even had excess baggage with us on the way home( a 12 meter long   reclining Buddha), no problem...
We stayed at the Temple Tree Resort, as I had been ogling their website for ages and couldn’t wait. We arrived at the reception, which is an old merchant's villa with a covered verandah. We had a cold drink and were told about both Temple Tree and Bon Ton -- the more established sister resort next door. After a friendly chat, we were taken to our room or rather rooms. Though we booked a regular room, there is an entrance, a lounge, our room, a huge bathroom with water fall shower and our own walled in courtyard with a wooden tub and shower and sun loungers. I’m sure our mouths were open…We were not disapointed… We stayed in Colonial 2

The Temple Tree and Bon Ton Resort are the well-managed children of an Australian named Narelle McMurtrie. She started Bon Ton about 11 years ago and Temple Tree only three years ago. She collected old houses from all over Malaysia. The villas at Temple Tree are between 70-110 years old. But the reconstruction is superb. The ventilation carvings, the colors, the high peaked ceilings are gorgeously restored, but never to the point of overindulgence. There are paddle fans on the ceiling, but all are also cleverly air conditioned. It was more than 40 degrees when we were there in Febuary, and we appreciated this nod to modernity and comfort.

That evening we enjoyed cocktails at the Bon Ton with tapas appetizers, to die for rock lobster satays with peanut sauce and a crisp glass of Riesling.Watching the sunset over the rice paddies with the surprising appearance of dozens of lotus flowers, we felt pampered and privileged. A fantastic three course diner followed, mmmm…. Oh,the pleasure…the pleasure.

Now T.T and B.T. have three wonderful pools. Both resorts are inland and about 10-15 minutes from the beach. The kind staff will take you there, and you can take a taxi back for 8-10 MR($2). This is where the shopping is, but also a decent beach and beach clubs to hang out in. Pssst! Langkawi is duty free, so beer is cheaper than coca-cola. But back to that gorgeous sunset over the rice paddies....

The B.T. treats its wine with respect: It has an enormous wine room -- both air conditioned and with wine refrigerators showing proper temperature and humidity. I was impressed at the selection. It was a little Australian top heavy, but otherwise some very good wines at affordable prices. After not having decent wine in Melaka ,

Ranger Bob kicked off his snake boots and enjoyed the pleasure of Bon Ton's bountiful grapes with the Rangerette that evening.
Oh, the horror… the horror… thinking about the cold and snow we have to face when we go home …
It's taken me two years to put on the weight to play the sequel, Kurtz didn't die and it's based in Afghanistan, they rebuild the Bamiyan Buddhas........ Blah! Blah!

Late to bed, early to rise. Speedboat to Thailand was scheduled for the very next morning....

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